1st session

Special Lecture by Mitsuhiro Takemura in Commemoration of Starting TAKEMURA-JUKU “Transmedia as Information Ecosystem”



Facilitator: Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Video Game Designer / Synesthesia Artist )

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2nd session

“What is Media?: The Hidden Roots of Media”



Guest: Naohiro Ukawa (DOMMUNE)

Facilitator: Koji Takahashi (Editor / Creative Director / Media Planner / Teacher, Nihon University College of Art / Teacher, Yokohama College of Art & Design)

Dialogue: Mitsuhiro Takemura & Naohiro Ukawa

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3rd Session

“Beyond Social Media: Hatsune Miku Phenomenon and the Future of Creative”



Facilitator: Hiroyuki Itoh (CEO, Crypton Future Media, INC.)

Dialogue: Mitsuhiro Takemura, Hiroyuki Itoh & Koji Takahashi

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4th Session

“Surplus & Dissipation: Creative Capital in the 21st Century”



Guest: Joichi Ito (Director, MIT Media Lab)

Facilitator: Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Video Game Designer / Synesthesia Artist )

Special Dialogue: Mitsuhiro Takemura & Joi Ito

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5th Session

“Human as Media: Revolution of Social Media”



Facilitator: Takashi Takeda (CEO, Avec Lab.)

Dialogue: Mitsuhiro Takemura & Takashi Takeda

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6th Session

“Review of the Previous Sessions”


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7th Session

“Media and Body: Human Nature in the Age of Transhumanism”



Guest: Taro Matsumura (IT Journalist)

Facilitator: Koji Takahashi (Editor / Creative Director / Media Planner / Teacher, Nihon University College of Art / Teacher, Yokohama College of Art & Design)

Dialogue: Mitsuhiro Takemura, Taro Matsumura & Koji Takahashi

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8th session

“Creative Tradition: Dialogue with the Young Ancientry”



Guest: Toshiro Kido

Facilitator: Yoko Saito (CEO, access point)

Dialogue: Mitsuhiro Takemura & Toshiro Kido

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9th session

“Media and City: Poaching Angels”



Facilitator: Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Video Game Designer / Synesthesia Artist )

Dialogue: Mitsuhiro Takemura, Tetsuya Mizuguchi & Koji Takahashi

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10th Session

“Boundary Zone in Social Capital: Report from the Frontier of Uncommons”



Guest: Bangi Vanz Abdul (Contemporary Occultist)

Facilitator: Yoji Kubota

Dialogue: Mitsuhiro Takemura, Bangi Vanz Abdul & Yuki Abe (Entrepreneur)

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11th Session

“The future of TV: Television Is the New Television”

10393967_754902537971289_3243141192398893992_n (1)


Facilitator: Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Video Game Designer / Synesthesia Artist)

Dialogue: Mitsuhiro Takemura, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Kiyoyasu Ando(CEO, HAROiD Inc.), Kazuhiro Obara, Yoshiro Taneda, Toru Ogawa, Seiichi Saito(CEO, Rhizomatiks) & Kei Wakabayashi

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12th Session

“The future of the implicit ーThence”

part 1

Facilitator: Takashi Takeda
Dialogue: Mitsuhiro Takemura &  Nishigaki Toru


part 2

Facilitator: Tetsuya Mizuguchi
Dialogue: Mitsuhiro Takemura, Hitoyo Nakano, Yoichi Ochiai, Katsura Hattori & Yoshiki Ishikawa


part 3
Dialogue: Hitoyo Nakano, Abe Yuki, Yusuke Yaegashi, Matsutoya Mari & Fukura Yuka

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13th Session

Takemurajuku 3rd season
Panoramic View of the Internet as a Living Organism

part 1
Dialogue: Mitsuhiro Takemura, Nishigaki Toru &  Takashi Takeda

part 2
Briefing: Mitsuhiro Takemura
Dialogue: Mitsuhiro Takemura, Dominick Chen, Koji Takahshi & Tetsuya Mizuguchi

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14th Session

What is the New Counterculture of Our Time?

part 1

What is New Counterculture of Our Time?:Mitsuhiro Takemura


part 2

Dialogue: Mitsuhiro Takemura, Toshihiro ‘Richard’ Fukuoka, Nobuyuki ‘Nobi’ Hayashi, Tetsuya Mizuguchi & Koji Takahashi


part 3

Dialogue: Mitsuhiro Takemura, Mitsuru Hayashi, Toby Izui, Tetsuya Mizuguchi & Koji Takahashi


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15th session

Last Lecture
Why do we love AI? From golem to MR (Marginal Reality)

Part I

“TACIT FUTURE” Report of International Conference:YukaHukuura , KojiTakahashi

Part Ⅱ

Why do we love AI? From golem to MR (Marginal Reality):MitsuhiroTakemura

Part Ⅲ

Dialogue:MitsuhiroTakemura , Founder , Fellow , Participant

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Please apply for participation in the TAKEMURA-JUKU from the Peatix event website (Japanese language only).

For those unable to apply through the aforementioned website,please contact us by e-mail at info@takemurajuku.com, specifying the number of participants, the name of your representative and any other necessary details.

Profile of Mr. Takemura,
Principal of TAKEMURA-JUKU

Mitsuhiro Takemura
Mitsuhiro Takemura


Scholar of media aesthetics; Director of QON Inc. Berlin; member of the Research Advisory Board of the Center for Study of Digital Life (CSDL). Prior to the current positions above, his professional experiences include Full-time Instructor, Media Theory and Modern Arts at Nihon University College of Art; Associate Professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design, Information Design; Founding Director of Research Center for Media Aesthetics of Kyoto University of Art and Design; Associate Professor, Institute of Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at The University of Tokyo (Media Environment Studies); and Professor, Sapporo City University (School of Design).
His research is specialized in the fields of media aesthetics, creative industries and transmedia design. Academic awards he has received include the “2003 Telecom Social Science Award of the Telecommunications Advancement Foundation” for his book entitled “The Future of Memory, Cultural Economy of Digital Archives (published by University of Tokyo Press), and the “2007 Award of Director-General of the Policy Bureau Hokkaido Bureau of Telecommunications” for the recognition of his contribution to the fields of creative asset development of local culture and local video content distribution studies). He currently resides in Berlin, Germany.